Myths about tires

Common myths about tires .... Today in our blog we dismantle some of

There are many myths and false statements about the tires, the wheels are one of the most important elements of the car. If much inflate the tire ends up exploding, respuesto wheels are like normal ...

Myths about the tires you should know

If you blow a tire explodes much. This statement is not of the actual all, the wheels do not explode as well. So if that can happen it is that if this highly inflated and give a blow to a curb or pothole burst. For this to happen you do not have to inflate tires according to recommendationsare manufacturers.

Changing wheels ... As far as possible it is recommended to change all four tires, but if not, you should change the two rear wheels, since they are the ones that provide more stability.

Newly manufactured tires are the best. This myth is not true, because the tires do not degrade. If the tire has been stored in optimal conditions for two years will present the same benefits as one made years later.

Respuesto wheels work just like normal. As the name suggests, are respuestos tires, these are not designed to travel long distances furante or at high speeds. If it is necessary that you use remember that after attending a workshop.

Repair kit. Repair Kit is a temporary solution, since they retain the air of the tire for a limited time, it is recommended to use in emergencies.

It is advisable to have a good tire for optimum safety. Buy best quality tires and review them periodically by professionals.