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Autos Tirma Canarias was created in 1972 in Las Palmas. It is one of the first companies in the islands, which has been maintained since the first day, basically for the good service it offers its customers.

The average age of its fleet does not exceed 6 months, ranging from the most economical utilitarians to high-end vehicles or 9-seater minivans. In Autos Tirma Canarias we rent and collect vehicles in all tourist spots of the island.

The price of the car you see on our page may not be the cheapest, but perhaps it is the cheapest, because we don't do business with gasoline, like some multinationals that have been established on the island, with the dubious purpose of improving the service that companies like ours have been providing for more than 40 years.

We only have to thank you for contracting our services and wishing you a happy stay in Gran Canaria.

Gasoline without charge

we no hacemos negocio with the gas, you just have to deliver the car with the same gas that receives it.

Special discounts for Erasmus

If this is your case you are in luck since from Rent a car Tirma we have special discounts For you.

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